Beyond Borders

What’s more eye-opening than seeing animals blur the geo-political borders created by humans? They cross countries and continents without visas, checkpoints, or weapons. We have transformed their migration data into art using machine intelligence as the brush and GPS-tracked data as pigments. They raise an important question about borders: Do we really need them?

Turkey Vulture

From the northernmost tip of North America to the southernmost tip of South America, the Turkey Vulture has crossed continents over the last 10 years to adapt and survive the earth’s changing climate. We love their dark plumage, whitish beak and legs, and bare redhead.

Great Egret

In the late 19 century, the Great Egrets were nearly hunted to extinction for their plumes. After some dedicated conservation efforts, they are alive and free to migrate at their own will without much threat to their lives.

Ringed Seal

Throughout their range, ringed seals have an affinity for ice-covered waters and are well adapted to occupying seasonal and permanent ice. They prefer large floes and are often found in the interior ice pack where the sea ice coverage is greater. They remain in contact with the ice for most of the year and pup on it in late winter-early spring.